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“We all get old but we can all age well. This is a real asset for our area, which should form an integral part of our regional development strategy.”  

Joëlle BARAT, Vice-president of the Gérontopole preparation association. (Source)


In Champagne-Ardenne, one resident out of three will be aged over 60 by 2030. We thus need to bring together the stakeholders involved in areas related to ageing to improve the quality of life for local people.

Gérontopole “Ageing Well in Champagne-Ardenne” is an association run by ID Champagne-Ardenne to prepare for the future via a regional multi-disciplinary platform for innovation, experimentation and development ready to rise to future social and economic challenges. The ageing population and longer life expectancy are a real opportunity for our area to offer services that ensure people age well, and to boost economic development, provide housing, encourage innovation and research, health services, tourism and so on.



Gérontopole will structure the necessary interfaces and encourage collaboration between stakeholders involved in the area of ageing. It is also responsible for promoting the available know-how and resources locally, nationally and internationally.

Gérontopole will work in five main areas:

  • economic and social development and innovation
  • advice, diagnoses and regional prospecting
  • promoting research and scientific production
  • prevention to ensure people age well
  • training, support through change and the emergence of new professions


The team and the members

Jean-Luc NOVELLA, President of Gérontopole “Ageing well in Champagne-Ardenne”.

Joëlle BARAT, Vice-president of Gérontopole.

Olivier BLAUD, Secretary of Gérontopole.

Alain FAYE, Treasurer of Gérontopole.


The 10 founding members:




Contact Nicolas BONNEVILLE, Health Manager - ID Champagne-Ardenne :

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