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Innovation can concern products, services, processes, marketing or organisation and it is decisive to companies’ growth and competitiveness. It is a powerful driver of economic and social development in the Champagne-Ardenne territory.

ID Champagne-Ardenne’s role is to stimulate competitiveness in local businesses and encourage the transfer of knowledge and technology, while helping to boost the territory’s appeal in France and abroad. 

The agency thus works to promote Champagne-Ardenne and all it has to offer, while pushing for the emergence and support for innovation projects and the development of priority sectors. 


Enabling the emergence of innovation projects

ID Champagne-Ardenne’s goal is to enable, facilitate and support innovation projects (technological or otherwise), drawing on the resources of the regional research, development and innovation ecosystem which comprises:

  • research and teaching establishments
  • technical centres and research centres
  • support structures such as the competitiveness clusters, the consular chambers, investors in innovation and so on.


Encouraging innovation to shape strong industrial sectors in the region

ID Champagne-Ardenne contributes to the development of priority sectors in Champagne-Ardenne by supporting research and innovation and via actions to structure those sectors.

In particular, ID Champagne-Ardenne backs ground-breaking projects and initiatives that are consistent with the innovation strategy defined by the Alsace Champagne-Ardenne Lorraine region, based on:

  • the region’s smart specialisation strategy (S3)
  • the regional application of the 34 plans for a ‘New Industrial France’.

Priority areas in Champagne-Ardenne

  • bio-economics: sustainable agricultural and wine-growing practices (innovative crop systems, bio-control, etc.), food and non-food applications for agro-resources (green chemistry, agro-sourced materials and bio-energies)
  • optimised performance, transformation and use of materials: especially by integrating the digital chain into industrial processes from design through to recycling and end-of-life of materials, advanced processes, automation, and so on, to prepare for the factory of the future
  • ageing well: helping the elderly stay in their homes, automated medical care at home (or domomedicine), medical devices and healthcare equipment, adapted homes and personal services, etc.
  • Considerate energy management: renewables, smart energy management (smart grids and storage), energy efficiency in the home, etc.

Cutting across sectors, the Agency assists social innovation projects and Information and Communication Technologies projects (especially in the fields of cybersecurity, augmented reality and the internet of things).


ID Champagne-Ardenne’s support services

The Agency assists companies and project initiators at every stage of their development, taking on-board the research, innovation, technological and non-technological aspects as well as “clusterisation”.

1. Upstream assistance with research 

Promoting and disseminating scientific and technological skills and resources (platforms)

Encouraging the emergence and set-up of partnership projects between researchers and industrial players

Identifying research projects likely to nourish the local economy and foster opportunities for collaboration at the greater regional level

2. From idea to project: innovation project engineering 

From the idea to market launch, ID Champagne-Ardenne works with members of the regional innovation network to help you structure your project and set you on the innovation track.

3. Downstream, working with the Alsace Champagne-Ardenne Lorraine region to help structure and develop priority sectors in the area

ID Champagne-Ardenne is active in regional working groups on renewable energies, sustainable agriculture and wine-growing, and the factory of the future. The Agency heads the Domomédecine consortium and is helping to build and coordinate Gérontopole devoted to “Ageing well in Champagne-Ardenne”. Alongside MATERALIA, the Agency coordinates the microbiology-focused ‘Cluster Antimicrobien”.



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