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The Regional Innovation Network (RRI), run by ID Champagne-Ardenne, brings together public and semi-public stakeholders in the region (public institutions, business and skills centres) to address the challenges surrounding technology transfer and innovation in SMEs. The RRI comprises a network of specialists and non-specialists located across the Champagne-Ardenne area.


What’s on offer

To encourage innovation in SMEs in Champagne-Ardenne, the RRI helps companies with a development project to identify their technology requirements, guides them towards the relevant skills centres and informs them on public aid for innovation. 

The RRI also informs eligible businesses on the Network Technology Service (PTR). This is a funding scheme designed to encourage technological partnerships to the benefit of small companies unfamiliar with this type of approach. The PTR includes a maximum amount of €10,000 and covers up to 50% of the total amount of the programme (total internal and external expenses), subject to a limit of 80% of the cost of the external service provision.

Finally, the RRI provides structured information on the industrial development and innovation services and skills available for companies in Champagne-Ardenne.


Map of network members’ skills

To support regional companies with their innovation projects, the RRI has put together a map of its members. 40 organisations and 70 stakeholders are involved in company creation and the formulation of your innovation and development projects. For project mentors, funders and technical centres, consult our interactive RRI map on our website here.



Contact Katia JOSEPH, RRI network facilitator - ID Champagne-Ardenne.

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