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Mapping of the Grand Est bioeconomy potential

The bioeconomy encompasses the largest part of economic activities linked to the production and transformation of renewable biological resources from land and sea – such as crops, forests, algae or micro-organisms – to meet the dietary, industrial and energy needs. Real circular economy, the bioeconomy supports innovative and sustainable production.

ID Champagne-Ardenne, alongside the IAR Cluster (the French Bioeconomy Cluster), pursue an active process of development, territorial coordination and bioeconomy promotion. The aim is to promote the expertise in agriculture, forestry, R&D and industry on the bioeconomy sector existing in the Grand Est region and thus contribute to the territory attractiveness, competitiveness and economic growth. More broadly, ID Champagne-Ardenne is supporting the bioeconomy development on the territory by setting up R&D projects, seeking funding, finding a suitable real estate offering to set-up, establishing contacts with the bioeconomy ecosystem,…


Mapping of the Grand Est bioeconomy potential

Discover the bioeconomy potential of the Grand Est region on thematic mappings produced by the regional monitoring and observatory of ID Champagne-Ardenne.

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