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Social innovation

“By social or societal innovation, we mean any new response to a new or poorly-met social requirement developed compliant with current market conditions and social policies and involving contributions and cooperation from the stakeholders concerned, and especially users.

These innovations are concerned with personal and/or community well-being and may operate at the level of an organisation, a company or a territory. They cut across economic sectors and may involve a product, service, organisational and/or distribution method.” 

French law 2014-856 dated 31 July 2014 on the social and solidarity economy institutionalises the notion of social innovation. 


The role of ID Champagne-Ardenne

Social innovation is at the heart of numerous regional initiatives. The regional incubator, the RRI network and the Human and Social Sciences unit within ID Champagne-Ardenne lead awareness-raising and support actions to encourage and promote social innovation. 



about the social innovation support services and actions from ID Champagne-Ardenne, contact Estelle GARNIER, Human and Social Sciences Manager - ID Champagne-Ardenne:

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