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Champagne-Ardenne lies to the east of the greater Paris area and close to the large north-east European markets. It has a full range of economic, spatial, social and environmental assets for companies and project initiators looking for a location where they can grow, forge partnerships or create an innovative enterprise.


9 assets of Champagne-Ardenne


1. Hassle-free European logistics

  • An hour from Paris and Ile-de-France
  • 75% of Western Europe GDP just a day’s truck-drive away
  • An international freight airport: Paris-Vatry
  • Alternatives to road transport:
    • 2 river ports (Nogent-sur-Seine and Givet, connected to Le Havre and Rotterdam)
    • 2 rail hubs (Culmont-Chalindrey and Châlons-en-Champagne) on the Anvers-Lyon and Le Havre-Italy lines
  • A dense logistics and transport service provider network

2. Work with qualified and available industrial partners

  • France’s third biggest region for industrial outsourcing
  • 200 automotive equipment manufacturers and subcontractors
  • Structured industrial sectors in areas such as agro-industry, bioeconomics, metallurgy, surgical instruments and prostheses, textiles, smart technology, packaging and agricultural machinery.

3. Develop your bioeconomic activities in the fields of green chemistry and renewable energies

  • 13 Mt of biomass produced a year, including 1 MT available (wood, straw, cereals and vines)
  • 100,000m3/year of poplar used for building materials
  • A unique industrial platform at Pomacle-Bazancourt bringing together bioeconomic businesses, and a hub of innovation and upscaling that is now an international benchmark, built around private research centre ARD and the European biotechnologies and bioeconomics centre (Centrale Paris Supélec, AgroParisTech et Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne)
  • A research centre focused on plant fibres based in Troyes (FRD)
  • The leading region for wind power generation (with a goal of 3GW in 2020)
  • Innovative regional projects based on Smart Grids (Ventea), energy storage (LEVISYS) and industrial ecology (decentralised energy system)
  • A methanisation cluster (Biogaz Vallée and it supports circle Méthalliance)

4. Benefit from an opportunity to set up your sales offices, decision-making centres and service activities

  • Less than a two-hour drive from Paris, Brussels and Luxembourg
  • Reims-Paris in 45 min and Reims-Charles de Gaulle airport in 30 min on the TGV high-speed train
  • 4 urban centres, with more than 100,000 inhabitants less than an hour and a half from Paris by train
  • Well-equipped tertiary platforms available at 30% lower costs than those in Ile-de-France
  • Accessible, qualified labour pools
  • A plentiful service and leisure offering for your staff

5. Innovate and develop new products and services

  • 2 competitive clusters: the IAR (industry and agro-resources) cluster and the MATERALIA (innovative materials and procedures) cluster
  • Leading-edge laboratories and research units working in areas such as innovative materials and procedures, ITC and data safety and security, green chemistry, design and packaging, all brought together within the Champagne COMUE.
  • Benchmark centres offering technical services in the areas of textiles, materials and surface treatment, fibres and agro-resources, digital engineering, Champagne and the related industries
  • Universities and higher education institutions with their roots firmly in the region: Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, Université de Technologie de Troyes, Ecole Polytechnique Féminine, Sciences-Po, Agro-Paris Tech, Arts et Métiers Paris-Tech, Centrale Paris, Neoma Business School, Groupe ESC Troyes

6. Benefit from attractive set-up and operating costs

  • Contained real estate and land prices
  • Labour costs are lower than the French average
  • Gas and electricity costs that are lower than the French average and that of other European countries
  • Attractive financial aid schemes at regional and local level
  • Tax exemption zones that are unique in France, permitting tax exemption over a 5-year period

7. Get support for the development of your community-focused activities

  • Support and financial aid mechanisms devoted to community-focused initiatives
  • A wide variety of services to support responsible procurement
  • Social and solidarity solutions for the requirements of territories and businesses

8. Make the most of an environment with an international outlook

  • More than 300 companies with foreign capital in Champagne-Ardenne
  • Second-ranked territory in France for its trade surplus (coverage rate of 139%)
  • Champagne production and the wine’s international reputation really drive economic and tourist activity

9. Benefit from a well-balanced, harmonious quality-of-life

  • The Champagne hillsides, Houses and cellars are on the UNESCO world heritage list.
  • The area offers a variety of landscapes, from plains of Champagne to the peaks as you approach the Ardennes, and of course the vineyards.
  • The lakes of Le Der and Forêt d’Orient, open to bathers.
  • A wide variety of festivals and cultural events
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